November 18, 2016

Bridging the Payments Gap

It’s strategic. It’s measurable. And it’s everywhere. Far more than just payments and point of sale, the new reality of Omnichannel retailing leverages a series of shared-use pathways which reach beyond the scope of traditional payment acceptance – and retailers nationwide are commissioning multi-channel resources to retain and acquire more customers.

A critical link in facilitating a true Omnichannel experience is the capacity to create outlets of convenience for consumers via a network of complimentary, integrated strategies, and, with Electronic Payments (EPI), you have them. By tapping into key customer expectations and centralizing interaction between online and physical retail space, EPI has developed a network of interchangeable services and retailing tools to connect sales channels, identify consumer behavior, and facilitate retention with big data, gift, and back-office management solutions.

In a digital age where hyper-connected shoppers are inundated with choices, retailers must, quite literally, put their name into the hands of consumers. EPI understands the importance of customer engaging enhancements and delivers tools that become an extension of the brick-and-mortar space. Driving customer loyalty and retention, eGiftSolutions is one such enhancement. Our gift card program provides a variety of processing programs, customizable card designs, and merchandising materials intended to capture your merchant’s brand and keep purchases in store. Another such service extension is ProCharge®, our in-house payment platform which extends even more processing options, including a mobile app, virtual terminal, accounting software, and POS plugins to streamline merchant services across the board.

Omnichannel is omnipresent; therein lies opportunity. Whether you’re seeking business-building solutions or retention tools, EPI delivers an Omnichannel platform that can be tailored to each individual business you serve, presenting greater opportunities to meet the growing needs of your client base. Retailers are seeking new ways to gauge their performance and develop appropriate strategies to drive store traffic. Paylytics®, EPI’s proprietary data analytics tool, provides deeper insight into the behavior patterns of consumers by organizing data and generating visual reports based on items sold, card brands used and shopping trends. By understanding the paths shoppers take to make purchases, merchants can retool their existing marketing tactics with personalized in-store and online offers and discounts to redirect traffic to their stores.

This collaborative approach to our business partners channels these avenues of payment acceptance into palpable, value-added resources while eliminating the need for numerous vendor partners. Complete with tenured sales support teams, training programs, competitive ongoing residuals and access to turnkey marketing solutions, our partner opportunities enable you to pass our industry-leading programs and services on to your clients and extend the value of your service.