August 12, 2016

Evolution of Exatouch® – The History Behind Exatouch Version 8.1

For months, there has been a buzz surrounding the release of Exatouch 8.1. You may ask yourself, “What is it about this new software release that has everyone so excited?” In order to understand where we are going, you need to know where we have been.

Exatouch Point of Sale was developed as a flexible tool to assist small to medium sized business owners. With its unique ability to be placed in businesses up and down Main Street, Exatouch quickly emerged as a solution for all.

In the early stages of development, we focused on building the essential features. The register was a top priority, closely followed by inventory and service management, staffing functions, customer tracking, and a purchasing module. A full reports suite was created to provide relevant information to business owners to ensure educated decision making. In conveying its abilities, we came to describe the product as an MBA-in-a-Box.

After months of development and testing, we were ready to deploy our product. The first year was a pilot year for Exatouch, spent fine-tuning the product while perfecting operational processes. Deployment and support became equally important pieces of the bigger picture, providing the best out-of-box experience for business owners and a level of service unlike any other.

Our second year of deployment brought continued development. The goal was simple; to meet the needs of our growing user base while improving upon existing capabilities. Our product continued to improve, as did our methodologies. With steady growth, Exatouch began to gain traction in the market.

Fast forward to August 2015, when the mastermind behind the Exatouch product, Terry Glatt, had what would prove to be a very important meeting with a few key people here at Electronic Payments (EPI). Just two short months later, Exatouch was acquired by EPI. In the months to follow, Terry and his team assimilated into the EPI team and began refocusing the Exatouch product line, quickly releasing a version showcasing new home and menu screens. Continuing to add features which improve upon function, we have developed what we now know as Exatouch 8.1.

Exatouch 8.1 is a labor of love; it is the close of a legendary chapter in product development and the start of a product line that is positioned to ecome an industry game changer. Coupled with a well-rounded feature set at a price point to allow our reseller network the ability to maintain a competitive advantage, we have built a state-of-the-art user interface. Perhaps the most exciting part of Exatouch 8.1 is that it is just the start of the Exatouch revolution.

To learn more about Exatouch’s latest developments, contact Electronic Payments at or 800-966-5520.