POS Bill of Rights

Our success is rooted in yours. Plain and simple.

We want you to be comfortable choosing Electronic Payments. Our POS Bill of Rights are made up of ten critical customer-centric tenets and they are the foundation of our TableTurn® Restaurant Management Platform. When you choose to work with us as your preferred POS partner, we pledge that you are entitled to expect the following from us:


Transparent Pricing and Honest Billing

The right to receive clear, understandable pricing with no hidden fees or charges to your customers. Billing should be straightforward and predictable.


Reliable Uptime Commitments

The right to expect a certain standard of system reliability and uptime, with proactive communication in case of scheduled or unexpected downtime. Communication is key!


Data Privacy and Security

The right to have your business and customer data protected with high standards of security. Assurance that your data will not be sold or misused.


Responsive Customer Support

The right to access knowledgeable and timely technical support and customer service that helps you resolve issues efficiently and effectively.


User-Friendly Interface

The right to a system that is intuitive and easy to use, minimizing training time and reducing errors.


Continuous Improvement

The right to expect the POS system to be regularly updated and improved, incorporating feedback from users to enhance functionality and performance.


Fair Contract Terms

The right to fair and reasonable contract terms, with no predatory practices. Easy-to-understand terms and conditions that protect both parties.


Training and Resources

The right to receive adequate training and resources to fully utilize the POS system, including access to manuals, how-to guides, and online tutorials.


Input and Feedback

The right to provide feedback on the system and services, and to have that feedback considered in future developments and updates.


Cancellation and Data Retrieval

The right to cancel services under reasonable terms and to retrieve your data in a usable format if you choose to switch systems.