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A fast, reliable, and affordable point of sale system for any sized business

You need a secure POS system that adapts to your business. Exatouch® Point of Sale has you covered. Whether you run a restaurant, retail store, or service business, Exatouch is designed to streamline operations, improve the customer experience, grow your profits—and simplify your life.

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POS Features At-a-Glance

  • Fast checkout with a user-friendly register
  • Support for dual-pricing methodology
  • Offline processing
  • Employee management
  • EMV & contactless transactions
  • FREE gift card processing
  • Menu/inventory management
  • Customer management
  • Mobile payment processing
  • Next day funding
  • Customizable promos & discounts
  • Sales reporting

You can view a list of even more point of sale features on our Exatouch Help Site.

Tech Support

Good to Know

Exatouch is fully developed and supported in-house, which means you have 24/7 access to our industry-leading, U.S.-based Technical Support team. And you’ll enjoy free over-the-phone installation, POS training, and menu/inventory builds!

Exatouch for Restaurants

With its delivery manager feature, tableside ordering, kitchen display system, mobile payment processing for curbside pickup, menu and inventory management applications, and bar tab authorization, Exatouch makes managing restaurants easier and less costly.

  • Full service
  • Quick service (QSRs)
  • Pizzerias
  • Fast casual
  • Coffee shops
  • Food trucks
  • Fine dining
  • Bakeries
  • Bars, lounges & breweries

Exatouch for Restaurants

Exatouch for Retailers

Exatouch’s barcode scanner, label printer, loyalty programs, and built-in management applications for employees, inventory, and customers simplify retailers’ daily operations, saving time and money.

  • Groceries, markets & convenience stores
  • Liquor & tobacco stores
  • Specialty shops & boutiques
  • Butcher shops
  • Ice cream & yogurt shops
  • Pet supplies

Exatouch for Retailers

Exatouch for Service Businesses

Serving customers out in the field, inside your brick-and-mortar location, or a combination of both can get hectic. With Exatouch, you can quickly and easily manage day-to-day tasks like appointment and employee scheduling, appointment reminder emails, sales and tax reporting, inventory control, and more.

  • Salons & spas
  • Fitness & yoga studios
  • Automotive services
  • Landscapers & pool maintenance
  • Specialty repair shops
  • Electricians, plumbers & HVAC service

Exatouch for Service Providers

As an Exatouch merchant partner, you’ll also receive the following value-adds at no cost:

  • An Exatouch software license
  • Free back office license
  • Access to the POS Cloud™ online dashboard
  • Menu/inventory import with review
  • Daily cloud backup
  • Employee access cards
  • Starter receipt paper
  • Over-the-phone training and installation walkthroughs
  • Network switch with ethernet cables (as needed)
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
POS Cloud Dashboard

POS Cloud®

Insight. Convenience. Security.

Exclusively for Exatouch merchants, POS Cloud is an easy-to-use, visual dashboard that gives you real-time access to key business metrics like sales and financial data—from anywhere!

  • Obtain total sales, profits, and vital performance analytics
  • View sales by day, week, month, quarter, and year
  • Identify top selling items and sales by category

And much more

Exatouch POS Integrations Boost Sales and Service

Exatouch is continuously adding integrations into the system, making it simpler for retailers to do everything from implement robust loyalty programs,
enhance customer service and delivery times, automate compliance when selling age-restricted items, and more!

Scan Data

Scan Data is both a reporting tool and a loyalty program run by tobacco manufacturers. Participating stores enjoy automatic reporting of their sales to receive manufacturer rebates, while gaining access to key promotions that drive traffic.

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Factor4’s loyalty program gives merchants expanded loyalty options within Exatouch, including increased visibility using a web portal and support for multiple locations. The portal enables further program customization and management, while providing access to view point totals to both merchants and customers.

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Juul Labs implemented their Retail Access Control Standards (RACS) program to mitigate sales of Juul products to underage customers. Exatouch is a RACS-certified POS system meeting all Juul Labs’ requirements for Enhanced Access Controls (EAC), including age verification, ID validation, and limits on the amount of Juul products that can be purchased in a single transaction.

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Whozz Calling Caller ID

Caller ID arms staff with all the information they need to complete delivery and pickup orders quickly and accurately. Among other benefits, team members can see who’s calling right on the POS lock screen and answer the call in one tap. Additionally, a Google Maps integration enables efficient service.

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Our Merchants Love Us

"Thank you for looking out for our business and having such a great system. Exatouch® is exactly what we needed."

Fouad, Owner of Great Steak Restaurant


"I like the variety of data available. It's easy to search for information and maintain it, so I can use it to run all parts of my business. I've used point of sale for many types of businesses, and Exatouch is one of the best. It's easy to use and obtain details."

Atul, Owner of Mantua Beverage & Gas


"Exatouch helps us better manage keg deposits and returns, which is a big part of our sales. Like the other Exatouch features, it is very easy for us to use."

Hardeep, Owner of Twinsburg Beer, Wine & Liquor


"With 6 Exatouch stations, we can easily accommodate orders placed at the counter, takeout windows, or over the phone. Most importantly, each station supports all payment types, including EMV and contactless transactions."

Ron and Rich, Co-Owners of Goldenrod Drive-In

Ron and Rich

"As far as training, we’ve been able to teach new hires how to use the system in actual seconds."

Heather, Co-Owner of Sticky Fingers Bakery


"I used to ask our staff to call me if they ever had questions regarding our former payments system. Our old phone support was just too expensive, so I had to fill the role to diminish operating costs. Now, everyone knows the Electronic Payments Technical Support team is on standby 24/7, without a bill attached. The added peace of mind is priceless!"

Cathy, Owner of 5 O'Clock Somewhere


"Honestly, Electronic Payments is the best and most affordable company for payment processing. It’s through your company and sales partners that I came to know about Exatouch® Point of Sale."

Heather, Co-Owner of Sticky Fingers Bakery


"We've been using Electronic Payments' eGiftSolutions® gift cards since 2018. The program was always great, but it's even better with Exatouch®. We love our custom gift cards with our logo and so do our customers!"

Rebecca, Owner of Rebecca's Bistro


"Exatouch® POS has made not only our day-to-day operations faster, it's put us in a better position to handle the growth we're experiencing. We love the way it looks and what it does for us!"

Rick, Co-Owner of Liquor Locker


"Exatouch makes checking out a customer nearly foolproof... and has sped up the checkout process by at least two minutes per customer."

Taras, Co-Owner of Winesburg Meats


"Exatouch is great—and the service and support are great, too!"

Hadram, Owner of Super Burger


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