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Build your sales office with a partner invested in your success. The Electronic Payments’ partner program is powered by 20+ years of collaboration with independent sales organizations (ISOs) and agents.
Whether you’re a one-agent operation or a part of an established ISO, stay at the forefront of the payments landscape with our advanced, in-demand technologies, robust resources,and in-house support.

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"I was first interested in Electronic Payments because of their proprietary point of sale, Exatouch. Since partnering with EPI a little while ago, I've expanded my favorite products to include their ProCharge payment platform. I focus on selling to service providers and these tools have helped me grow my portfolio."


- Jason S.

"I've been partnering with Electronic Payments for several years now. I appreciate EPI's ISO Interface because it gives me a birdseye view of processing, real-time transaction reporting, batch-to-deposit reconciliation, and residual reporting—all of which make it easier for me to manage my day-to-day."


- Josh M.

"We've been with EPI for a few years as agents. Exatouch POS is a great product and our favorite to sell because of the service and support that come along with it. The Product Success team is wonderful and the 24/7/365 technical support is unbeatable."


- Cris K. and Dwane J.

"It's been a couple of years since we started partnering with EPI. We like the ISO model, which is what appealed to us most in the beginning. These days we're loving Exatouch POS. It's plug-and play, very simple to use. And, it has a full-service team of pros backing it, including Product Success for onboarding, and a U.S.-based, in-house Technical Support team that's second to none."


- Greg H. and Matt B.

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