April 9, 2024

EPI Technical Support by the Numbers

Erin Washburn, Director of Call Center Operations
EPI Technical Support by the Numbers


The Electronic Payments Technical Support team consistently goes above and beyond on our mission to provide excellent customer service. Check out the infographic to see how we did in 2023, by the numbers.

Quick, Efficient Phone Service

The Tech Support team’s most critical role is being available to help when you need them. In 2023, they answered a record-breaking 127,093 calls—an average of 348 calls per day. Despite that volume, the average hold time was only 84 seconds, while the average call length was 12 minutes and 30 seconds, allowing merchants to quickly reach an expert, troubleshoot, and get back out on the floor, ready to resume business in under 15 minutes.

Expert Team Members

The Support team’s efficient phone service is due to the expertise of each member. Our Tech Support members average 3.1 years at Electronic Payments, with 128 years of collective experience. In 2023, we grew our team 11% year over year to meet your needs and continue providing top-notch support around the clock, seven days a week.

Extensive Support and Outreach

When possible, it’s better to prepare ahead of time and avoid problems than respond to them as they arise. That’s why our team schedules regular meetings, demos, and training sessions to keep you up to date on software changes and product updates. In 2023 alone, our tech and product experts conducted 793 scheduled meetings to upgrade POS software and hardware to introduce merchants to new Exatouch® features. The team held additional demos and training sessions, totaling 2,348 for Exatouch, 441 for Clover®, 243 for ProCharge®, and 614 for miscellaneous sales and support activities, bringing our total number of touchpoints up to an incredible 4,500.

Get Unparalleled Support with Electronic Payments

Imagine you have a line of customers waiting to check out and something goes wrong with your payment processing. If you can’t call an expert and get the issue resolved quickly, that’s business lost and brand loyalty damaged. That’s why our team is available 24/7 and ready to hop on the phone at a moment’s notice to resolve your problem effectively and efficiently.

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