August 27, 2021

4 Simple Ways to Get the Most Out of POS Technical Support

4 Simple Ways to Get the Most Out of POS Technical Support


While you rely on your point of sale (POS) technology to help you manage inventory, employees, sales, and more, inevitably there will be times when you need the assistance of Technical Support. If calling the help desk makes your blood pressure rise, know that it doesn’t have to be that way. Try using the tips outlined below to minimize downtime and get the most out of your call.

When to Call Technical Support

You’ll most often need to reach out to a help desk team for:

  • POS installations
  • Software upgrades
  • Hardware repairs or swaps
  • Assistance with backup
  • Help with error messages
  • Training

How to Create a Positive Help Desk Experience

If you’ve chosen to partner with a merchant services provider like Electronic Payments, you’ve already done the most important work to ensure you have a positive experience. Our Technical Support team leads the industry—and the proof is in the numbers. With more than 83,000 support calls answered in 2020 and our teams’ 94+ years of collective experience, you can expect to talk to a highly trained expert who answers your call in seconds. Best of all, our in-house experts are all based in the U.S. and available to help you 24/7.

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Set yourself up for success when calling Technical Support using the following tips.

Be Familiar with Your POS System

The more you know about your point of sale system, the simpler it’ll be to resolve any issues that arise and the smoother your support calls will go. Familiarize yourself and your team with your system’s tools and applications, including how to:

  • Set tax rates
  • Ring up and refund sales
  • Batch out

With Electronic Payments’ flagship POS, Exatouch®, there’s an entire online knowledge base that’s updated regularly. This resource is the best way to stay up to date on the latest POS features and capabilities—as well as troubleshoot any problems that may occur.

Additionally, when calling your POS help desk, you’ll want to understand how and where your machine connects to the internet and if your local service provider has any outages. It’s best to place your call when you’re physically next to your machine, rather than from a remote location.

Plan Ahead

Just like you need to have a physical every year to maintain your health, your POS requires proactive and preventative maintenance to ensure optimal operation. Exatouch’s POS software is enhanced frequently with new features that are only accessible when you update your software to the latest version. You don’t want to miss out on new applications and capabilities that can make running your business easier, so plan to call Technical Support to schedule an appointment to update your system. After you’ve batched out for the day, our team will walk you through the steps to update your software and make sure you’re all set to take advantage of the new features.

When you’re calling the help desk about an issue with your POS, take a few minutes to jot down notes about when it occurred and what actions may have preceded it. For any error messages you receive, snap a photo on your phone or take a screenshot to share with your Technical Support team member to help them quickly address issues.

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Share Information

Help desk team members may ask for more information as you describe a potential issue or they may walk you through certain steps to assist with troubleshooting. The more information and detail you can provide throughout the process, the faster the diagnosis and resolution.

We understand that calling most Technical Support operations can be a frustrating experience. But Electronic Payments is different. Our entire team is based in-house and specifically trained on every aspect of the solutions we offer. Most importantly, our friendly professionals are committed to helping you get back up and running quickly and work with a sense of urgency.

Communicate Often

Be sure to communicate issues as they happen. It’s wise to troubleshoot issues when they occur, rather than making a list of accumulated problems to address all at once. In fact, resolving an issue right away may mean a subsequent issue never happens in the first place.

Test these guidelines and tips for yourself the next time you need to call Technical Support. They’ll help you decrease downtime and minimize friction.
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