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Corporate Ombudsman

Have you ever felt that your concerns were not heard? Or your needs were not met? Or you were let down? Or, have you been overly impressed? Pleased with a tech support call resolution? Or had an awesome experience with one of our sales representative, ISO Offices, or Relationship Managers?

It can sometimes be difficult to get an answer or a sensitive ear for an issue you may be having. Or, you may just need help reaching the right department. Who handles paper shipments? Who programs my equipment? What if I don’t like my sales rep? How do I reach your CEO? Sometimes, it just helps having a direct email address which goes to a person that can “get the job done.”

The Ombudsman is a position at Electronic Payments that is your conduit to the proper channels and persons that can field your request, answer your need, and receive your compliment. Fill out the form below and we’ll try our very best to assist you as quickly as we can.

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