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Build your sales office with a partner invested in your success. The Electronic Payments’ partner program is powered by 20+ years of collaboration with independent sales organizations (ISOs) and agents.
Whether you’re a one-agent operation or a part of an established ISO, stay at the forefront of the payments landscape with our advanced, in-demand technologies, robust resources,and in-house support.

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From regional conferences to our annual IMPACT conference, our agents get face-to-face connection with the entire EPI network.

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Reliable Cash Flow and Life-Changing Residuals

Don’t worry about when your next pay day will be. With EPI, you get paid on the 15th of the month, every month.

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Founder and CEO Michael Nardy fosters a team that puts our ISOs and agent partners at the forefront of the payment industry.

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Through best-in-class service, EPI’s 24/7 in-house tech support team goes above and beyond to help grow your ISO or agency.

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