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Exatouch for Liquor Stores

Exatouch® Point of Sale is designed for liquor and package stores looking to speed service and boost profits. Put Exatouch’s easy-to-use register, automatic age verification, quick lotto payouts, inventory control, and loyalty programs to work for your store today!

Liquor Store POS Features At-a-Glance

All Payment Types

Accept all payment methods, including chip cards, contactless, and mobile payments—perfect for line busting and curbside orders

FREE Gift Card Processing

Enjoy low-cost payment processing, FREE gift card processing, next day funding, and support for dual-pricing

Simple UI

Take advantage of a simple user interface, which makes checkout fast and cuts down on training time for new employees

Employee Management

Schedule, train, and oversee your staff with ease using Exatouch’s built-in employee management application

Custom Promos

Set up custom promotions, discounts, weekly specials, and a loyalty program that will help you build a base of repeat customers—including Scan Data


Access invaluable inventory management applications and robust sales reporting to stay on top of what’s selling

Exatouch POS Software

Benefit from all the tools you need to manage day-to-day tasks, improve speed of service, and expand your operation.

Affordable Payment Processing
  • EMV & contactless payments
  • Single deposit for all card types
  • Next day funding
  • Offline processing
Smart Point of Sale Tools
  • Automatic age verification
  • Scan Data integration
  • Barcode scanner for fast & easy checkout
  • Support manufacturer/custom SKUs & print labels
Profit-Boosting Inventory Control
  • Real-time stock counts
  • Mobile inventory via tablet
  • Vendor management & delivery reconciliation
  • Purchase order generation & management
Customizable Promotions
  • Recurring promos/deals, including BOGO offers
  • Custom rewards & incentives
  • Frequent buyer discounts
  • Built-in loyalty programs
Detailed Customer List
  • Customer database with purchase history
  • Contact information capture for marketing messaging
  • Customer visit tracking
  • Indentification of top customers
Robust Reporting Features
  • Sales & profit tracking
  • Accessible batch & transaction details
  • Data-driven decision making to maximize investments
  • Enhanced tax settings
  • State Liquor Agency compliance
Simpler Employee Management
  • Work scheduling & payroll reconciliation
  • Access controls & permission settings
  • Enhanced tax settings
  • Performance monitoring & fraud detection
High Perfomance Hardware
  • Durable & affordable POS bundles
  • Assorted peripherals to suit every need, including scales
  • 10" touchscreen customer facing display

Loyalty Programs in Exatouch Mean Higher Profits for Your Liquor Store

Whether it’s Scan Data, Factor4, or Exatouch’s original loyalty program, the point of sale system’s built-in loyalty options are the ideal way to strengthen your relationships with customers and increase your revenues.

Exatouch Loyalty Program

With just a name, phone number, and email, you can set up customers to earn points on every purchase in your loyalty program. You determine the dollar value of points, limits for redemption, and any restricted categories to customize the program to fit the needs of your liquor store and your customers. Plus, redemption and points look-up couldn’t be faster! Customers simply give their phone number at checkout for the cashier to enter into Exatouch—no more cumbersome, easy-to-lose membership cards needed.

Scan Data

Scan Data is both a reporting tool and a loyalty program run by tobacco industry conglomerates. Liquor stores that sell cigarettes and other tobacco products can participate in this program to automatically report sales to the manufacturers in order to receive valuable rebates and gain access to key promotions to offer customers. Exatouch is integrated with Scan Data, which means you can auto-prompt customer lookup by phone number if a loyalty item is being rung up. Designate SKUs as part of the program to ensure the discount automatically applies at checkout. Scan Data is the ideal way for smaller stores to compete against big chains by offering the best price on products customers buy frequently—so they visit your store often and boost your bottom line.


Exatouch’s integration with Factor4 gives you expanded loyalty program options, including increased visibility via a web portal and support for multiple storefronts. The portal is accessible to both your store and your customers, enabling you to gain insights on data and activity, while giving customers the option to log in and see their point totals. Setup is seamless!

Exatouch Is an Approved Juul Labs POS Partner

For liquor stores, tobacco shops, and convenience stores that sell Juul products, Exatouch automatically satisfies Juul Labs’ requirements, including age verification, ID validation, and limiting the quantity of Juul products sold in a transaction. Best of all, compliance is built into the system. As a merchant, you don’t need to do any extra work to abide by Juul Labs’ requirements.

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Juul Scanner

Exatouch POS + eGiftSolutions® Gift Cards = A win-win!

Gift cards are a smart way for retailers to expand their reach—and their bottom line. Fortunately, eGiftSolutions® from Electronic Payments offers small and medium sized businesses a branded gift card program that’s accessible and affordable—with FREE gift card processing! The gift cards are compatible with Exatouch POS and you’ll benefit from the personal touch and high level of service our team of experts provides.

As an eGiftSolutions partner, you’ll enjoy:


FREE Processing

That’s right. Take advantage of big savings with FREE gift card processing and NO monthly or annual program fees*!


Industry-Leading Support

Enjoy personal assistance from our program experts, plus 24/7 access to our live, in-house, U.S.-based Technical Support team.


Comprehensive Services

From design to delivery, we’re with you every step of the way. Our end-to-end solutions provide all the tools needed to launch, market, and manage your program successfully.


FREE Design Assistance & Marketing Tools

We’ll work with you to ensure your gift card design captures your brand perfectly. Plus, you’ll receive a free marketing kit with your first custom order to help you promote your new cards!


Seamless Integration & Setup

eGiftSolutions integrates seamlessly with Exatouch as well as other payment and point of sale systems. We make it easy to get your gift card program up and running quickly!


Online Reporting

Get the insights needed to make strategic business decisions with real-time online reporting. Plus, we have tools readily available to check card balances and activity 24/7.

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*Electronic Payments merchant account required. Inquire for details.

Our Liquor Store Merchants Love Us

"I like the variety of data available. It's easy to search for information and maintain it, so I can use it to run all parts of my business. I've used point of sale for many types of businesses, and Exatouch is one of the best. It's easy to use and obtain details."

Atul, Owner of Mantua Beverage & Gas


"Exatouch helps us better manage keg deposits and returns, which is a big part of our sales. Like the other Exatouch features, it is very easy for us to use."

Hardeep, Owner of Twinsburg Beer, Wine & Liquor


"I used to ask our staff to call me if they ever had questions regarding our former payments system. Our old phone support was just too expensive, so I had to fill the role to diminish operating costs. Now, everyone knows the Electronic Payments Technical Support team is on standby 24/7, without a bill attached. The added peace of mind is priceless!"

Cathy, Owner of 5 O'Clock Somewhere


"Exatouch® POS has made not only our day-to-day operations faster, it's put us in a better position to handle the growth we're experiencing. We love the way it looks and what it does for us!"

Rick, Co-Owner of Liquor Locker


Best-in-Class Service and Support Designed for Busy Liquor Stores

Running a liquor store often means working long hours, including nights and weekends. That’s why we have a team of account and point of sale experts available to help you with Exatouch setup, installation, and training to ensure a smooth transition and zero downtime. From building your inventory to upgrading your software, our concierge-style support is available when you need it.

  • FREE Inventory Builds
  • FREE Over-the-Phone POS Installation
  • FREE POS Training
  • FREE 24/7 Technical Support

Liquor Store POS Resources

We’ve developed a variety of business-building resources to help you take full advantage of everything Exatouch has to offer.


Electronic Payments’ Blog

Electronic Payments’ blog has useful articles with business tips and advice that will give you insight on how Exatouch’s countless features and applications can be used to increase your reach and revenue.

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Exatouch Support Knowledge Base

Our help site is packed with step-by-step instructions and videos that show you how to use Exatouch’s numerous features and tools to improve your store’s efficiency. Plus, you can quickly view all of our release notes that detail Exatouch’s latest developments. Check it out!

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Electronic Payments’ Digital Channel

View the videos in the Exatouch playlist on our digital channel for helpful instructions on how to use Exatouch’s most popular features.

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Need Help?

Our U.S.-based, in-house Technical Support team is on standby 24/7 to assist you. Reach us at (800) 966-5520 – Option 3.