July 30, 2020

How Loyalty Programs in Exatouch® POS Can Increase Your Retail Sales

How Loyalty Programs in Exatouch® POS Can Increase Your Retail Sales

Repeat customers are essential to the success of any retailer. But how do you turn a walk-in into a regular customer who will return to your business year after year? Offering a loyalty program is a great way to start! Exatouch® Point of Sale (POS) has several built-in loyalty applications you can take advantage of to turn casual patrons into loyal shoppers who increase your sales. Best of all, these programs are free and part of your Exatouch POS, so there’s no barrier to entry!

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Exatouch Loyalty Program Encourages Repeat Business

Exatouch’s intrinsic loyalty application is simple to use for staff and customers love it! With a few pieces of information like a customer’s name, phone number, and email, you can set them up in Exatouch to earn points on every purchase. Once they reach a defined threshold, they’re able to redeem those points on their next purchase. You determine the dollar value of a point as well as the limits for redemption and any restricted categories, so the loyalty program can be customized to fit the needs of your business and your customers. Once your customer is in the system, all they need to earn and redeem points is their phone number—and staff can look up their point totals instantly at checkout. No more keychain tags or cumbersome cards, shoppers can just enter their phone number at the point of purchase, earn or redeem their points instantaneously, and be on their way! Everyone gets excited when they save money on their purchases—and a loyalty program enables shoppers to leave your store feeling great so they want to return frequently.

Another benefit of having your loyalty customer’s contact information is the ability to market to them in an affordable way. Exatouch enables you to send emails to entice them to make future purchases. If you have a group of customers who love a certain item or brand, email them when you get in new stock and sweeten the deal by providing a coupon to redeem in store. Engage customers with updates on your latest offerings, exclusive promotions, annual birthday coupons, and more. Having an incentive to buy in your store instead of your competitor’s drives business through your door and boosts your bottom line. Plus, keeping your name in front of customers as much as possible keeps your store top of mind, which is key in a challenging business environment like the one we’re currently weathering.

Designate levels in your loyalty program to further segment and capitalize on your most valuable customers, offering the biggest spenders greater rewards. Exatouch gives you seven levels to set up within your loyalty program. A single patron may earn a point that’s worth $1.00, while a top-level customer who buys frequently and in bulk may earn a point valued at $2.00. Run sales reports to help you determine the value of each point as well as the redemption parameters for each level in your program.


Setting up your loyalty program is Exatouch is easy and intuitive →

Determine how many points are earned per dollar spent, and how many points are needed for redemption. You can even offer a certain amount of points for joining the program and determine if there’s an expiration date on points earned. Everything you need to set up a successful loyalty program is built right into your Exatouch POS!

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Factor4 Integration Expands Loyalty Program Capabilities

Exatouch’s integration with Factor4 gives you expanded loyalty program options, including increased visibility using a web portal and support for multiple locations. Factor4’s web portal offers an online presence accessible to both merchants and customers, enabling you to further customize and manage your loyalty program and gain insights on data and activity, while offering your customers the ability to log in and see their point totals. Additionally, Factor4 offers multi-location support, ideal for businesses with more than one storefront.

Setup is seamless within Exatouch, and can be completed right in the Settings module. Simply ensure the Loyalty Member option is toggled on, then enter the customer’s phone number and Factor4 membership number in Exatouch and they’re all set to earn and redeem points! When they make a purchase, customers can either type in their phone number on the PIN pad or swipe their membership card at checkout. The points they earn or redeem are automatically calculated in real-time in both Exatouch and Factor4.


Adding a Factor4 Loyalty customer is fast and simple →

Simply enter the customer’s name, phone number, and email address along with their Factor4 membership number.


Scan Data

Countless retailers who sell tobacco products, particularly convenience stores and grocers, are familiar with Scan Data. It’s both a reporting tool and a loyalty program run by tobacco industry conglomerates. Stores like yours often choose to participate in the program because their sales are automatically reported to the tobacco manufacturers in order to receive rebates. In addition to the rebates, Exatouch’s Scan Data integration empowers merchants like you to:

  • Gain access to key promotions after registering as a loyalty member of the manufacturers
  • Offer exclusive discounts and instant savings on tobacco products
  • Provide a superior level of customer service, optimizing the shopping experience and encouraging repeat business

As part of the integration, there’s added functionality in Exatouch to support Scan Data’s loyalty program. You have the option to auto-prompt for customer lookup by phone number if a loyalty item is added to an order. Exatouch also makes it simple to designate SKUs as part of the loyalty program, so at checkout, the discount will automatically apply when the item is rung up.

Smaller merchants often find it difficult to compete against big chains, but with the Scan Data loyalty program in Exatouch, a tobacco purchaser can obtain the best price for their preferred products at your store! And while they’re shopping at your establishment, they can add on to their tobacco purchase with other items you have on offer—further enhancing your bottom line.

Think about the value just one loyal customer brings to your business. If they visit your store several times a month for years, their importance is incalculable. Having a loyalty program that rewards their continued patronage is the smart way to thank them for their business while increasing your revenue. Upselling to an existing customer is infinitely easier than winning over a new customer—and if you can excite your regular shoppers with an incentive to visit your store just one extra time a month, you’ve multiplied your revenue with very little time and effort.

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