September 15, 2020
Press Release — For Immediate Release

Electronic Payments Announces Strategic New Features Available in Exatouch® Point of Sale’s Most Recent Software Release

The latest Exatouch® advancements give merchants the ability to further optimize operations, improve efficiency, and save money.

Calverton, New York — September 15, 2020 — Electronic Payments, a leading point of sale (POS) provider to businesses of all types, is continuously developing and enhancing applications within their proprietary POS system, Exatouch. Taking into account merchant requests and agent feedback, the latest Exatouch software release focuses on features and enhancements that help businesses further optimize operations for increased efficiency.

Enhancements in the latest Exatouch software release include:

Business Operations

  • Offline Processing Mode automatically checks for internet access every minute while Exatouch stations are offline. Once online access is restored, the POS automatically resumes processing credit card transactions.
  • Estimated Net Cash deposits have been added to several reports for convenience. This addition also helps quickly identify any discrepancies or potential theft.
  • Multiple, alternate stock keeping units (SKUs) can be defined for non-inventory items providing merchants with greater control.

User Interface

  • For merchants like grocers and delis that are running multiple Exatouch stations with and without integrated scales, the scale interface is hidden by default if a scale is not attached to a unit. This improvement simplifies users’ workflow and what’s shown on the customer-facing display.
  • In Preference settings, the look and feel of various work areas can be customized for ease of use and navigation.
  • Exatouch’s Tab Order feature has been updated to make data entry more efficient. The update also includes a new email field, which, if populated, will automatically send receipts to customers.


Because of Exatouch’s integration with Factor4’s loyalty program, when updating customer data in the POS’s Customer Detail application, the information is now automatically updated in Factor4 as well. Additionally, a timestamp is added in Exatouch once the Factor4 update is complete.

“We’re constantly developing and enhancing Exatouch to include customizable features and applications that make running a business more affordable and less time-consuming,” said Michael Nardy, Founder and CEO of Electronic Payments. “Particularly at a time like this, when small businesses are under pressure from decreased traffic, having intuitive and robust tools that save money, provide actionable insight, and assist with compliance requirements is critical. Electronic Payments is committed to continuously implementing tools that support entrepreneurs’ needs.”

Exatouch’s business-building features also include vendor management and automatic purchase orders, staff scheduling and payroll, enhanced tax settings, free gift card processing, and more. Plus, Electronic Payments’ in-house team offers free menu and inventory builds, assistance with installation, complimentary training, and 24/7, in-house technical support.

See all of Exatouch’s latest enhancements in action and learn how the POS system helps merchants increase revenue and streamline operations by scheduling a free demonstration at www.calendly.com/electronicpayments.

About Electronic Payments

Innovating with new technologies, Electronic Payments has distinguished itself as one of the most highly regarded payment and transaction processing companies in the United States. Electronic Payments currently serves businesses in all types of industries and acquires new merchants through a network of POS value-added resellers (VARS), agent banks, sales agents, and independent sales offices (ISOs). Visit www.electronicpayments.com for more information.