November 5, 2019
Press Release — For Immediate Release

Electronic Payments’ Restaurant Management Solution, TableTurn®, Offers EMV Tip Adjust and Pay-at-Table for Leading Point of Sale Systems

TableTurn® offers a countertop and wireless solution that integrates with the most widely used POS systems in the restaurant industry.

Calverton, New York — November 5, 2019 — Electronic Payments, an industry leader in payment processing and point of sale (POS) solutions, announces their TableTurn® platform now offers EMV processing with traditional tip adjust as well as a unique pay-at-table feature that integrates with Oracle Hospitality (formerly MICROS®), Exatouch® Point of Sale, and other popular POS systems.

TableTurn is a combination of durable hardware and cutting-edge software. With support for all payment types, including EMV (chip cards) and NFC (contactless), the solution is revolutionizing restaurant management with faster table turns, improved service, and enhanced security.

TableTurn’s intuitive interface speeds up everyday tasks, including splitting checks and tender types, as well as adding tips. An innovative digital billfold empowers customers to pay at the table when it is convenient for them, rather than waiting for a server to take their payment. Plus, pay-at-table means the customer’s credit card never leaves their sight, increasing security. Once the check is settled, diners can have electronic receipts sent via email and text or choose to print paper receipts at the table using the built-in printer. Guests also have the ability to leave service ratings on every check providing direct feedback to restaurant management. At the end of a shift, TableTurn makes server reconciliation simple while minimizing errors.

With features such as tableside ordering and payment processing, TableTurn enables servers to be more efficient because they no longer have to walk back and forth to the POS station to enter orders, add menu items to existing orders, and close checks. This results in significant time savings and provides a more satisfying experience for diners.

“We developed TableTurn with the restauranteur in mind. It’s focused on enhancing customer experience, increasing operational efficiency, and streamlining payments to name just a few key benefits,” said Michael Nardy, CEO of Electronic Payments. “And, because TableTurn offers affordable payment processing and other features exclusive to Electronic Payments, restaurants of every size can take advantage of it to maximize profits and expand their businesses.”

Other program features offered exclusively by Electronic Payments include data analytics, free gift card processing, and U.S.-based, in-house technical support available 24/7.

To learn more about Electronic Payments’ products and services, including TableTurn, visit www.electronicpayments.com/tableturn.

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