February 15, 2023
Press Release — For Immediate Release

Electronic Payments Unveils DeliverMe®: A Free Online Ordering Solution for Restaurants

By offering free online ordering, DeliverMe® streamlines operations and increases revenues for restaurants.

Calverton, New York — February 15, 2023 — Electronic Payments, an industry leader in payment and point of sale (POS) technologies, proudly announces the launch of DeliverMe, a free online ordering solution available to restaurant merchants nationwide. DeliverMe gives restaurants of every type the ability to increase revenue and optimize operations while providing convenient online ordering options to their customers.

DeliverMe simplifies the entire online ordering process. Menu items can be uploaded and managed in real-time with all preset modifiers intact or removed at any time based on inventory or preference. Restaurateurs can set up and manage taxes, delivery zones, and associated fees. There’s even a field to view future pickup and delivery orders, allowing establishments to adjust staffing and inventory in preparation.

Additional benefits of DeliverMe include the ability for businesses to:

  • Brand their online ordering site with their restaurant’s logo and business information
  • Suspend and reinstate online ordering, handy when they may be short-staffed or experiencing high volumes
  • View, manage, and fulfill orders via printed tickets or an online dashboard
  • View and compare in-store and online orders for greater business insight

“Running a successful restaurant requires meticulous planning, preparation, and execution,” said Michael Nardy, Found and CEO of Electronic Payments. “DeliverMe was designed to help restaurants handle more takeout, pickup, and delivery orders with ease while enhancing the customer experience and saving money on an essential solution and processing costs.”

DeliverMe’s responsive design and simple interface makes it easy for customers to:

  • Order from anywhere, including desktops, tablets, or smartphones
  • Use the built-in search feature to find specific items—helpful for restaurants with large menus
  • Add special instructions to their orders, including preparation requests and delivery details
  • Modify items in their carts without having to redo their entire order
  • Add gratuities by percentage or a custom dollar amount
  • Place orders for immediate pickup or delivery, or select a future order date up to seven days in advance
  • Setup a profile to save their contact information and make future orders even faster
  • Receive text and email notifications about their order status

As with all Electronic Payments solutions, implementation and setup are quick, seamless, and backed by in-house support teams. Electronic Payments facilitates the online menu build, including uploading images and descriptions of menu items, in order to create a custom online ordering website for each merchant. Restaurants can then embed the dedicated link within their existing websites for easy customer access.

DeliverMe also integrates with Exatouch® Point of Sale, Electronic Payments’ proprietary POS system. The seamless integration automates order management, pushing online orders to the kitchen in time to be prepared for the specified pickup time and date—no intervention from a server needed. The stand-alone version prints new, incoming orders directly from the cloud to an Epson TM M30 printer. Restaurants can use multiple printers for printing delivery instructions.

To learn more about DeliverMe and Electronic Payments’ products and services, visit www.electronicpayments.com/deliverme.

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