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ProCharge® Mobile

Accept payments wherever business takes you!

  • Support for Dual-Pricing Methodology
  • Contactless payments
  • Swipe transactions
  • Signature capture

ProCharge’s compact Bluetooth card reader and user-friendly mobile app are your go-to solutions for secure payment acceptance away from your storefront. Process transactions in real time over any wireless network from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.

Mobile App

Easy setup

Your ProCharge Mobile card reader is ready to use right out of the box! Simply download the ProCharge Mobile app on your device, then sync the card reader to your device.


Flexible features

Enjoy built-in features that simplify transactions. Set sales tax and tip rates, split tenders, reconcile sales/inventory, email receipts, and more. We’ll even help you customize your application for optimal use.


Save on processing fees

In addition to low-cost processing, you’ll benefit from card-present rates while away from your storefront. Plus, there are no additional monthly fees with ProCharge.


Syncs with payment solutions

Your ProCharge Mobile activity syncs up with all your payment tools across one platform. Ask us how our POS systems, accounting software plugins, virtual terminal, and more can grow your business.

Credit CardProCharge EMV

A compact, lightweight card reader with heavyweight processing speed and power.

  • Small and Portable: 2.51″ x 1.93″ x 0.57″
  • USB, Audio Jack, and Bluetooth Interface
  • 5v USB Supported
  • Supports iOS and Android
  • PCI DSS Compliant and Certified

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Get More Feet on the Street

With secure user access, numerous team members can process transactions simultaneously on their own dedicated mobile devices. Monitor activity and sales with real-time reporting.

Accept All Forms of Payment

Never turn away a customer again! Process contactless payments, gift cards, cash, and even split tenders based on customer preference.

Enhance the Customer Experience

With a simple, self-guided checkout, customers are prompted to add a preset or custom tip to their order, sign on screen, and select their preferred receipt delivery method.

Save Valuable Time with Smart Business Tools

Set sales tax rates, reconcile inventory, and more with built-in management solutions that can be adjusted right on your mobile device!

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