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ProCharge® Plugin

Designed for QuickBooks®.

  • Automate & improve accounting processes
  • Save time–no more redundant billing & payment processing
  • Increase accuracy & reduce errors
  • Gain more control & visibility
  • Streamline workflows & access even more tools
  • Enjoy quick setup & ease of use

Long gone are the days of entering redundant billing and transaction data! ProCharge’s seamless integration with QuickBooks® accounting software streamlines the entire accounting process—saving you valuable time and reducing costly errors.

ProCharge PluginProCharge PluginProCharge PluginProCharge Plugin

How Does It Work?

After we set up your ProCharge® account, all you have to do is log in to your existing QuickBooks® account. All data integrates automatically in real time, allowing you to easily manage batch processing, e-invoicing, recurring billing, and refunds directly through your accounting software.

Tax Settings

Value-Added Benefits You’ll Love

Secure Storage

Secure storage & processing of cardholder data

No Additional Fees

NO additional processing costs or monthly fees

In-House Support

Easy setup and 24/7 U.S.-based, in-house support

In-House Support

Simplified batch processing & next day funding

Start saving time and money with our straight-forward, user-friendly plugin designed for QuickBooks®!

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Multi-user capable where supported; see system requirements for version information.
ProCharge® Plugin is designed for QuickBooks® Accounting Software versions Pro and Premier 2015-2024 Editions and Enterprise Solutions V15-24 for Windows.