November 23, 2020

Super Burger & Exatouch® Point of Sale: A Quick Service Restaurant Success Story

Super Burger & Exatouch® Point of Sale: A Quick Service Restaurant Success Story

In business since January 2015, Super Burger is a quick service restaurant (QSR) located in Stockton, California. The owner, Hadram, and his team pride themselves on providing “great food, great prices, and great service”. From frothy milkshakes in flavors such as pineapple, fresh banana, and strawberry, to a variety of burgers, appetizers, burritos, and more, Super Burger is a popular local restaurant that serves an array of classics and fried favorites.

In the interview below, Hadram highlights his experience with installing Exatouch® Point of Sale at Super Burger, and what it’s been like partnering with Electronic Payments for merchant services and Electronic Payments of California for local support.

What prompted you to look for a point of sale system for your quick service restaurant?

We always used a manual register, which was time consuming when ringing up customers. In implementing a POS, we wanted to make ordering, clocking in and out, and adjusting menu items as fast and smooth as possible for both management and staff.

What were the most important features for you when choosing a POS?

First and foremost, we were looking at price. The POS we chose had to be affordable. Next in terms of importance was the level of service and support provided, as well as the reliability of the technology, including the hardware and software. Exatouch POS met all of these criteria and more, which is why we chose to install the system at our restaurant.

What has your experience with the point of sale and Electronic Payments been like?

Exatouch is great—and the service and support are great, too! The system made it effortless for us to manage payroll, inventory, and pricing. It’s simple to add menu items and the employees find the system really easy to use. Plus, with Exatouch, we can ring up customers quickly so they can get on their way. Speed is critical to providing good service and keeping my guests satisfied is important to me.

“Exatouch is great—and the service and support are great, too!”

– Hadram, Owner of Super Burger

When it comes to customer service and support, we couldn’t be happier. Nick from Electronic Payments of California provides top notch local support whenever we need him—and the in-house Technical Support team at Electronic Payments is available 24/7 to help. When I call them, they answer right away and immediately begin looking for a solution to my inquiry. Whether it’s a question about closing out a batch or how to add or modify a menu item, we always get the answers we need. Everyone affiliated with Electronic Payments has been extremely supportive.

How has COVID-19 impacted your business? Has Exatouch been able to help with the adjustments your business had to make?

At first, COVID-19 affected us negatively, much the same way it impacted many other small businesses across the country. Fortunately, we’ve been able to steady the ship. Our operation today is similar to what it was before the pandemic with an increased focus on the health and safety of both our customers and our employees. Exatouch’s staff management tool helps us simplify scheduling of team members when we need to account for changes in volume. And, inventory management makes it easy to ensure we have enough stock on hand to serve customers without having to store expensive, excess inventory and ingredients.

Going forward, I’m positive Exatouch will be a helping hand in all of our endeavors.

Have you recommended Exatouch to any other business owners?

Yes! I’ve recommended Exatouch POS to countless friends and family members who have businesses.

“I’ve recommended Exatouch POS to countless friends and family members who have businesses.”

– Hadram, Owner of Super Burger

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