May 15, 2024

Exatouch® POS Helps Heffelfinger’s Meats, Inc. Expand

Exatouch® POS Helps Heffelfinger’s Meats, Inc. Expand


About Heffelfinger’s Meats, Inc.

Heffelfinger’s Meats, Inc. is a family-owned wholesale and retail meat market. Originally opened in 1934, Heffelfinger’s built its brand by delivering wholesale products throughout the Cleveland, Columbus, Akron, and Canton areas from its main plant in Jeromesville.

Since its founding, Heffelfinger’s has grown into the largest red meat harvester in the state of Ohio under ODA (Ohio Department of Agriculture) and expanded its presence with a retail location at its main processing plant and, in 2021, a larger retail store in Ashland.

Expanding with a New POS System

Luckily, Heffelfinger’s started working with Epic Payment Systems in June 2021, when they switched processors to Electronic Payments at their small Jeromesville store.

Business owner, Rick Heffelfinger, made this change in order to prepare for a POS System in his new retail location in Ashland that was opening in November of 2021. He had clear criteria for the store’s point of sales system: efficiency, ease of use, and local support. The search to fill those criteria led Rick to Epic Payment Systems and Exatouch.

Rick appreciated how easy the system was to operate and the thoroughness of the training and support system, including onsite training, system installation, and the Tech Support team’s quick response time.

After successful integration at the Jeromesville store in June 2021, Heffelfinger’s was ready to launch the new Ashland store in December, using Exatouch from the jump.

The Results: Life with Exatouch

“The installation went smoothly,” says Rick. “The system was installed and ready to use when the store opened. We provided a spreadsheet to import inventory that required little tweaking prior to going live.”

Staff at the Ashland location adapted quickly to the new POS and Exatouch’s support features made the Ashville launch a success:

“The training for new employees is painless,” says Rick. “The system is very easy to learn and use.”For any issues that did arise, Rick found quick resolution with Electronic Payments’ 24/7 Technical Support team.

“They’re a phone call away, and in less than five minutes, they’ve resolved any issues… Love the ability to have a support team remote into the system.”

— Rick Heffelfinger, Owner of Heffelfinger’s Meats, Inc.

Some of Exatouch’s other best-loved features at Heffelfinger’s include efficient end of day reporting, eGiftSolutions® compatibility for gift cards, and improved ability to update price points, inventory, and last minute sales and promotions.

Best of all, Exatouch’s fast checkout processing has helped Heffelfinger’s go beyond for their customers: “We spend less time ringing a sale up and more time assisting customers with their selections.”

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