May 17, 2021

ProCharge® Desktop Merchant Success Story: An Interview with Fairway Carts, Parts & More

ProCharge® Desktop Merchant Success Story: An Interview with Fairway Carts, Parts & More

Fairway Carts, Parts & More is a family owned business in North Canton, OH that was launched by Suzette and Doug Schuller in 2008. As the leading cart service center in the area, Fairway is the most trusted source for all things outdoor living. The retail store and service center specializes in golf carts, fireplaces and fire pits, grills, and outdoor furniture and accessories. They also sell custom and used carts, parts, and offer rental and repair services. They pride themselves on offering service and repair for nearly all golf cart makes and models. As they say on their website, “from tune-ups to engine repair, we do it all.”


In the interview below, Fairway Carts manager, Justin, explains why the store and service center selected ProCharge® Desktop to install at the business.

What drove you to choose ProCharge Desktop for your payment processing?

We only had one payment terminal for the entire operation and it was becoming unsustainable. Fairway has partnered with Electronic Payments and our sales representative, Dante Duluc from Out of Box Solutions, LLC, for merchant services and payment processing since 2016, and we have a great relationship. Since our business is growing, we knew we needed to add another payment terminal to serve our expanding customer base in a more efficient manner.

ProCharge Desktop was easy to use and fit in well with our unique inventory, business model, and existing workflows, which prompted us to implement the solution.

What goals did Fairway Carts hope to achieve by installing ProCharge Desktop? Were your goals met?

Our main goal in installing ProCharge Desktop was to serve our customers more quickly. We also needed to add a second terminal to streamline payments and operations at the store. Immediately after installation, we were able to process transactions in two different areas of the business to accommodate more customers.

What criteria did you use to evaluate ProCharge Desktop?

The business required a desktop-based solution that would allow staff to input pricing on the computer and have it display on the customer-facing payment terminal. ProCharge Desktop was exactly what we needed.

What pain points have been alleviated since implementing ProCharge Desktop?

We used to have a queue of customers at our single payment terminal—all of them waiting to check out at once. Now having two terminals, it’s saving us time and we’re able to get more customers paid up and on their way quickly.

“ProCharge Desktop is saving us time and we’re able to get more customers paid up and on their way quickly.”

– Justin, Manager at Fairway Carts, Parts & More

Additionally, with ProCharge Desktop, customers are able to maintain complete control over the transaction, and keep their cards in hand the entire time. That isn’t possible with our other payment terminal. We have to take the card from the customer and run it for them. With COVID-19, some patrons are uneasy about us handling their cards. ProCharge Desktop allows them to hold onto their own cards throughout their transactions, which increases security and hygiene, ensuring customers feel more comfortable.

How have day-to-day operations changed at Fairway Carts since implementing ProCharge Desktop?

We can now check out customers at multiple points throughout the store. Before, we had to send all our patrons to a single terminal, creating long lines and causing confusion. Some customers expected to pay at the parts counter where they were getting service, rather than us having to send them to reception where the one payment terminal was placed.

What was your experience with training staff on how to use ProCharge Desktop?

There was virtually no training needed! The desktop application only has two fields in which to put information. It couldn’t be simpler—and the solution works perfectly alongside our current accounting software.

“There was virtually no training needed! …ProCharge Desktop couldn’t be simpler—and the solution works perfectly alongside our current accounting software.”

– Justin, Manager at Fairway Carts, Parts & More

How has the staff adapted to using ProCharge Desktop?

Very easily. Our staff follows the same process with our accounting software that they’ve always done. The payment details are entered into ProCharge Desktop at the same time as our software, so staff simply need to input the sale.


Since implementation, have you seen a positive change in service levels or employee productivity?

Yes, customer satisfaction has certainly increased since shoppers don’t have to wait as long to complete their transactions. Service levels are elevated, customers are happier, and our staff no longer needs to spend unnecessary time explaining where customers need to go to complete their payments. Checkout speed is another improvement—it’s definitely quicker now that we have two payment terminals. No more long lines!

As far as employee productivity, we have seen a positive change. Service is streamlined with the person who knows about the sale completing the transaction, leading to much less confusion.

Did you experience any downtime during installation?

Not at all, our installation was painless.

What do you and the staff love most about ProCharge Desktop and partnering with Electronic Payments?

We love the ease of checking customers out with ProCharge Desktop. The staff is really happy with that in particular. And with Electronic Payments, we get affordable credit card processing and truly great service and support.

Are there additional Electronic Payments’ solutions Fairway plans to take advantage of in the future?

Yes, we’re looking forward to processing our eGiftSolutions® gift cards on ProCharge Desktop soon!

Discover how ProCharge Desktop enables you to serve customers faster while saving money on your payment processing costs—no matter which business or accounting software you’re currently using.

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