July 10, 2019

5 Clever Ways The Right Restaurant POS Can Help You Delight Guests

5 Clever Ways The Right Restaurant POS Can Help You Delight Guests

A profitable restaurant requires having the right tools in place to enable you and your staff to deliver an exceptional dining experience that delights your guests, day after day. With a smart and thoughtfully designed POS like Exatouch®, there are countless ways to maximize your restaurant’s resources for success.

1. Focus on Your Floor

Ambiance is more than just the look and feel of your establishment. With Exatouch, it’s easy to create an intimate, interactive setting with a customized floorplan that helps your guests feel cozy, not cramped. Open up your dining room to establish a natural flow into other areas such as the bar or outdoor patio. Having the right amount of space and an efficient flow promotes guest comfort and ensures your staff can provide the highest levels of service.

2. Turn Tables Faster

Processing orders quickly and accurately makes for efficient service and faster table turns. Exatouch offers complementary hardware options that streamline orders from start to finish, including handy tablets that allow you to view the status of all open tables at-a-glance, split or join guest checks and tables with ease, and even control the firing sequence of course selections to ensure no guest is waiting at their table for their entrée to arrive! Plus, wireless payment solutions mean guests can pay at the table so their credit card never leaves their sight, and they can leave when they’re ready rather than waiting for a server to return with their card.

3. Deliver on Every Delivery

Treat every take-out order as you would a table full of guests, with the same level of attentiveness from start to finish. Using Google Maps address verification and 3rd party delivery integration with services like GrubHub and Uber Eats, Exatouch ensures visibility into every step of the delivery. Plus, Caller ID enables staff to provide faster, more personalized service. In one tap of the screen, they can greet callers by name and see their 2 most recent orders for fast duplication

4. Cook Up Better Communication

From the hostess to the head chef, an organized line of communication is essential for every restaurant. For staff to delight guests, it has to be easy to communicate with the kitchen. Eliminate dishes being sent back with enhanced modifiers that allow menu items to be customized in a flash, leaving less room for error and delivering exactly what your guests order the first time.

5. Know What’s Hot and What’s Not

Have you ever run out of a special in the middle of the dinner rush or ingredients to make your most popular dish? Both of those scenarios can eat into your profit margin and frustrate your guests. That’s why Exatouch’s Fresh Sheet feature is easily accessible—right on the lock screen—to empower servers with the information they need to greet guests and provide efficient service. Plus, the Fresh Sheet helps you manage inventory more efficiently to ensure you always have what your chef needs on hand.

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