April 22, 2020

Exatouch® POS Helps Small Businesses Adapt During Coronavirus

Exatouch® POS Helps Small Businesses Adapt During Coronavirus

Exatouch® Point of Sale has valuable features to help small businesses adapt to changes brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. From restaurants transitioning to neighborhood grocers to survive the drop in sales, to liquor stores seeing unprecedented levels of demand, technology and tools are key to coping in today’s evolving business environment.

Simplified Retail Inventory & Purchasing

Essential businesses such as as convenience, grocery, and liquor stores have seen sales increase exponentially since the coronavirus led to stay-at-home orders across the country. Scaling operations to accommodate greater demand is often difficult. But with a smart POS solution like Exatouch, you can seamlessly manage inventory, monitor stock levels, complete purchase orders, and reconcile deliveries on arrival. All of this means you’re able to continue serving the customers in your community and minimize stock outs to ensure your neighbors get the supplies they need. Being there for your customers when they need you most inspires loyalty that will pay dividends in the future.

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Tools for Transitioning Restaurants

Restaurants have been among the hardest hit businesses from the coronavirus pandemic. With dining rooms closed, restaurateurs are coming up with creative ways to keep business coming in and their employees on the payroll. Some have moved their operations to curbside pickup and delivery, while others have begun selling household staples like milk, eggs, butter, meat, and cleaning supplies to the public. This is a smart way to support both restaurant suppliers and the greater hospitality community. With many older restaurant point of sale systems, these kind of transitions would be exceedingly difficult. Exatouch is different. Advanced, yet user-friendly technology allows new inventory items to be added at the touch of a few buttons. Standard menus can be saved for future use and pared down takeout offerings can be created quickly and easily. Exatouch also pairs well with TableTurn®, a restaurant management platform that offers contactless, mobile payment solutions to facilitate curbside deliveries.

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Powerful Reporting Features for Retailers & Restaurateurs

Rely on Exatouch’s robust reporting features to gain insights that can keep your small retail or restaurant business running now, and grow your profits in the months and years to come.

  • Evaluate and Manage Staffing Needs
    Exatouch makes it easy to establish your busiest hours, enabling you to have enough employees for coverage while minimizing payroll expenses. Create work schedules effortlessly, and repeat them for subsequent weeks in just a few taps of the screen. Spend less time managing operational tasks and more time focusing on ways to support your customers and employees.
  • Determine Optimal Business Hours
    Shortened hours may be the result of government mandates—or a necessity to reduce labor costs. Run a quick sales report in Exatouch. By understanding which days and hours are the most profitable, you can determine the times your business should open to maximize your income.
  • Offer Price Adjustments and Promotions
    Exatouch’s pre-programmed discounts and promotions are designed to match the needs of your business, including buy-one, get-one offers, day and day part specials, and combo or family meal deals. You can even complete quick price adjustments at checkout to get customers in, out, and on their way as quickly as possible.
  • Keep in Touch
    Staying connected to your customers is more important now than ever before. Exatouch enables you to communicate with your regulars, informing them when your hours change or you’re offering new products and services to meet demand.

Schedule a personalized demonstration of Exatouch to learn how this affordable, easy-to-use system adapts to the needs of your business today and into the future. See the tools that make running your operation faster and simpler—and discover how they help manage change, save money, engender loyalty, and boost profits long term.