August 20, 2019

Fresh Sheet: How Restaurants Manage Inventory, Maximize Profits, and Provide Excellent Service

Fresh Sheet: How Restaurants Manage Inventory, Maximize Profits, and Provide Excellent Service

Restauranteurs have a lot to manage: employee scheduling, food inventory, customer engagement, and the list goes on. When it comes to overseeing all these aspects of the business, successful restaurants have a secret weapon: a feature-rich point of sale (POS) system. Fresh Sheet, a valuable POS feature, helps with everything from restaurant inventory management to letting servers know how many dinner specials are left. Check out some of the ways Fresh Sheet can assist in streamlining operations, managing food inventory, and providing better service that keeps diners coming back for more.

Manage Food Inventory to Maximize Profits

The Fresh Sheet can help you save money and maximize profits by more efficiently managing food inventory—one of the most costly parts of running a restaurant. Now, you don’t have to keep expensive, extra ingredients on hand that may end up spoiling before you can use them. Fresh Sheet even ensures you don’t run out of a key ingredient in your restaurant’s most popular entrée. Displaying an unlimited number of dishes, it’s easy to add, delete, or change menu items and specials on the Fresh Sheet in just a few touches of the screen. You can also put your menu items with the highest margins at the top of the list to keep them top of mind for your servers. Use all the tips and tricks at your disposal—including those built into a smart POS system—to ensure your restaurant is as successful as possible.

Make Specials More Lucrative

Chefs are creative and want to turn out unique specials with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Support their creativity with POS features like Fresh Sheet that enable you to better manage those short-lived ingredients. Communication with your front-of-house staff is important, too. Make sure you speak about the creative specials on offer, as well as your highest ticket items. When you keep servers talking about your pricier menu options, it’s more likely your patrons will order them. And as customers inquire about which entrée is best, servers can be trained to highlight certain ingredients or preparations of the higher margin dishes. Then, reward the servers who sell the most of those dishes. It’s a win-win-win for your chef, servers, and bottom line!

Improve Customer Service at Your Restaurant

The most important part of delivering excellent customer service is not disappointing your patrons. Whether it’s a special occasion, or a weeknight meal out because there’s no time to cook, your diners are there to enjoy themselves. That’s why it’s key for your servers to be up to date on what’s happening in the kitchen. Fresh Sheet accurately counts down specials as they’re ordered so your staff is alerted in real time when an item is about to run out or no longer available (86’d). This way, when waiters approach their tables, they can engage diners with information that helps them decide what to order—avoiding the situation of entering the order only to find out it’s no longer available, then returning to the table to deliver the disappointing news. What’s worse, all of that back and forth prolongs the dining experience, frustrating your customers, slowing your table turns, and dragging down your profits. Waiters can easily stay updated throughout their shifts with tools like Fresh Sheet, which is displayed right on the POS lock screen. They don’t even have to login to know what’s available!

Discover all the ways Fresh Sheet, a key feature in Electronic Payments’ Exatouch® Point of Sale system, can help you better serve customers, manage inventory, and boost your bottom line.