December 9, 2021

Menu, Order & Table Management: How a POS Enables Your Restaurant to Make More Money

Menu, Order & Table Management: How a POS Enables Your Restaurant to Make More Money

With restaurants facing challenges from labor shortages and increasing food costs, to inventory outages because of supply chain issues, hospitality merchants need all the help they can get when it comes to saving money and improving profitability. That’s where a point of sale (POS) can assist. Features including menu, table, and order management speed service, resulting in happier diners who are more likely to return and quicker table turns that bring the business more revenue. Discover the many reasons why these POS restaurant management tools are vital to continued success.

Menu Management

Does your restaurant have multiple menus? Many have a bar menu, one for the patio, and another for the dining room. Your restaurant may even offer special event menus for the holidays, a Mother’s Day brunch, or even a July 4th picnic menu. Keeping up with them all can be difficult, but not if you have the right tools in place. A POS system like Exatouch® offers all types of restaurants simple menu management features that foster organization and maximize profitablilty.

  • Preset menus for special occasions, which can be saved for future use
  • Add and define item modifiers to make order entry faster and service better
  • Track items in real time to understand your most lucrative offerings
  • Receive alerts for low inventory items to ensure you never run out of ingredients for favorite dishes

Check out some of the essential restaurant management features Exatouch offers! →

Order Management

Organizing a tangle of takeout, curbside, delivery, and dine-in orders on a busy night is tough. But a POS system can be your best friend. Exatouch helps you stay in control, provide top-notch service, and delight customers with:

A Kitchen Display System Empowers Your Restaurant to Conserve Resources and Deliver an Amazing Dining Experience

  • Expedite orders while ensuring accuracy
  • Eliminate paper tickets, saving time and reducing supply expenses
  • See a detailed view of every order, including modifiers
  • Advance and filter through orders with a bump bar or touchscreen monitor
  • Improve kitchen communications to maximize efficiency

Table Management

For dine-in customers, proper table management is important to ensuring they have a postitive customer experience. Exatouch’s multi-zone table mapping and custom floor plans allow you to have a birdseye view of everything going on in your restaurant. From seeing the status of individual tables and the occupancy of certain zones, to assigning staff sections, Exatouch streamlines floor plan management. Divvy up the tables in each section according to how many waiters you have on the clock—and if someone calls out or you need to cut staff early on a slow night, it’s simple to adjust sections within Exatouch on the fly. Restaurant managers can walk the floor and monitor which tables are ready for their next course and fire it right from the POS floor plan—ideal for speeding service when a waiter is busy helping other guests. Firing courses from the floor plan ensures diners aren’t needlessly waiting for dessert once they’ve finished their entrees and turns tables sooner so your restaurant can accommodate more guests and increase sales.

Keeping waitstaff informed throughout a shift is also integral to customer satisfaction and faster table turns, both of which lead to higher profitability. To make this task easier, Exatouch offers Fresh Sheet, a display on the POS lock screen showing how many dishes are available in real time, turning red when the threshold is low and an item is about to be 86’d. This empowers waiters to give customers a heads up on popular specials that may be running out quickly to avoid disappointment or to push specials in need of movement. Every time an order is placed for a dish within the POS, the Fresh Sheet reduces availablity accordingly. Another key benefit of Fresh Sheet is it allows you to display an unlimited number of dishes. Plus, it’s simple to add, delete, or change menu items and specials with just a few taps on the screen. A tip to making the most of this feature is to place your menu items with the largest margins at the top of the list to keep them top of mind for servers. Best of all, waiters don’t even need to log in to the POS system to view this information, it’s available at a glance on the lock screen!

View this video to see for yourself why Exatouch is a cost-effective way to run your restaurant:

Operate your restaurant more efficiently and grow revenue with a POS that includes essential tools like menu, order, and table management. Schedule a complimentary demo of Exatouch to see these features in action.