March 2, 2020

Multiply Retail Sales & Streamline Operations with the Item Details App in Exatouch® POS

Multiply Retail Sales & Streamline Operations with the Item Details App in Exatouch® POS

Exatouch® Point of Sale is full of built-in, business-boosting applications (apps) like Item Details. With numerous ways to input specifics for all of your inventory items, including stock keeping unit (SKU) numbers, extended descriptions, and powerful categorization features, Item Details can be a retailer’s best friend. Read on for helpful ideas on how to leverage this robust app to streamline operations and increase your retail sales.


Retail SKUs Simplified

Oftentimes, manufacturers repackage popular items to fit a seasonal theme. If you own a liquor store, you may receive a bottle of vodka in May with a redesigned label for summer. Because that same bottle in its everyday packaging is already in your inventory, you don’t want to have two SKU numbers in the system. With Exatouch, you can scan the new bottles into inventory and keep just one SKU, using the extended product description field within Item Details to differentiate between the two labels.

That same bottle of vodka may get a new barcode from the manufacturer after years of using the old one. Rather than having to run reports or keep historical sales data for two different barcodes, Item Details has an alternate SKU option. Under an existing SKU, you can input an alternate SKU that shows the manufacturer’s new barcode. The fields in Item Details are thoughtfully designed to assist retailers like you with streamlining your inventory.

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Big Data Isn’t Just for Big Retailers

When adding inventory in Exatouch, how you set up your categories and subcategories can help you glean the most from your sales reports. Clothing stores can assign subcategories for size and color runs—and identify that red shirts are significantly less popular than navy ones. On the next purchase order, double up on blue tops and reduce or eliminate the red ones to multiply your sales. Convenience stores that sell fresh produce, frozen foods, as well as health and beauty items, can categorize inventory for maximum efficiency. Under the health and beauty category, designate a subcategory for shampoos. When you pull a monthly sales report, you may see that only two brands of shampoos make up more than 70% of your sales. Armed with this information, you could decide to clear out the less popular shampoos and only stock the best sellers. Making more efficient buying decisions means your business can keep more profits in store!

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Extended Descriptions Enhance Sales & Service

Retailers can use the extended description field in Item Details to include critical or interesting product details. Does an item need to be stored at a certain temperature, or is it only compatible with one model number and not another? Is there an amazing story about where a certain antique item came from that may persuade a customer to make the purchase? While the short item descriptions in Exatouch are helpful as quick identifiers, filling in the longer description fields can increase sales, strengthen customer relationships, and ultimately lead to additional revenue!

Be sure you’re taking full advantage of all the tools and apps available to you within the Extaouch POS system, including Item Details! Schedule a personalized training or demonstration to discover more.