August 28, 2020

ProCharge®: An Affordable & Flexible Payment Platform Designed for Small Business

ProCharge®: An Affordable & Flexible Payment Platform Designed for Small Business

Small businesses are under pressure like never before due to evolving customer demand and challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Adaptable tools can help them not only survive in this uncertain environment, but thrive and even expand. ProCharge® is a robust payment solution that’s affordable and easy-to-use for all types of small business. It has numerous, customizable tools built right into the platform like recurring billing and mobile payment acceptance—perfect for flexing and growing with a business’s changing needs.

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With the utmost flexibility, ProCharge processes transactions via credit card terminals, mobile devices, or an online virtual terminal—an in-house Gateway that even supports secure cardholder data storage and recurring billing. All transaction data automatically syncs between devices and shows in the virtual terminal, enabling quick access to data and the ability to process transactions anytime, anywhere. Best of all, each ProCharge application may be used as a stand-alone payment solution or as part of a fully-integrated processing system!

ProCharge® Gateway

ProCharge® Payment Gateway is a full-service virtual terminal and the central hub of every ProCharge account. All transactions run through ProCharge are synced through the Gateway. A great example of how this benefits a small business like yours is in the case of a restaurant with multiple food trucks around town. When each truck is processing payments on a separate mobile device, the restaurant owner can monitor all of the transactions in the Gateway in real time! ProCharge Gateway can also help businesses increase cash flow by using the virtual terminal to process payments. A heating and air conditioning company may schedule an installation and take a deposit over the phone or onsite using the virtual terminal. There’s even a customizable “Pay Now” button that can be added to your existing website. The possibilities of how to use ProCharge to build your business are limitless!

Streamline every sale to make payment acceptance faster, easier, and more secure with features including:

  • A user-friendly virtual terminal
  • Real-time reporting
  • Next day funding
  • Recurring billing and e-invoicing
  • Secure storage of cardholder data
  • Free, integrated gift card processing
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ProCharge® Mobile

Take your business anywhere with ProCharge® Mobile! This clever solution instantly transforms your mobile device into a handheld point of sale that processes payments, refunds customers, and reconciles sales—anytime, anywhere. ProCharge Mobile is the perfect tool for growing your business, driving sales, and expanding your customer base without increasing your expenses. It’s simple to operate and provides secure transactions using an encrypted swiper. You can even support multi-tender transactions, process gift cards for free, and email receipts to your customers—right from your smartphone. Plus, support for EMV and contactless payments is coming soon via a small, portable card reader.

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Enjoy built-in features that simplify every transaction:

  • Low processing costs
  • Encrypted swiper
  • Supports multi-tender transactions
  • Email receipts
  • Integrated gift card program
  • Automatically syncs with ProCharge
  • Add items for quick sale
  • Next day funding and more!

Procharge® Plugin: Quickbooks® Accounting

ProCharge® integrates with Quickbooks®, streamlining your entire accounting process. Simply log into your existing Quickbooks® account and all of your transaction and billing data will automatically integrate with ProCharge—in real-time! You’ll be able to manage everything directly through the accounting software, including payment and batch processing, e-invoicing, recurring billing, and refunds. It all works exactly the same as it does in Quickbooks®, so there’s no learning curve. The only difference is that payments are processed through ProCharge, which saves you money! Additionally, all sensitive cardholder data is securely stored for future use, so you won’t have to ask returning customers for the same classified credit card information each time.

ProCharge Plugin integrates directly with QuickBooks® Accounting software. Using the dropdown menu under the Customers tab, businesses can:

  • Access customer information
  • Process payments, refunds, and batches
  • View reports
  • Fully customize sales receipts and email them automatically
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Recurring Billing

ProCharge makes spending hours sending invoices each month a thing of the past. Whether you have a pest control business or operate a pool cleaning company with customers who get the same service month after month, you need a quick and hassle-free way to send your monthly invoices. Set up recurring billing in ProCharge once, then forget it! This solution is also ideal for medical professionals like physical therapists who see patients or clients on a recurring basis. Automatic billing with ProCharge will save you loads of time that can be better spent on building your business.

Creating an invoice is simple and once it’s sent to the customer, all they need to do is open the email, click the link, and enter their credit card information. And, it’s easy to import your customer database into ProCharge for speedy implementation. You can save company and customer information, track tax exempt statuses, securely store credit card information, and process payments automatically!

Batch processing allows you to create invoices in ProCharge, then charge them all at one time. If, for example, you own a landscaping company that bills all of your customers on the first of each month, batch processing is a huge benefit!

With a flexible solution like ProCharge, you can choose the tools you need to manage your business and process payments now—then fold in additional tools as you grow and expand your company. It’s completely customizable to your needs and designed to make running your business operation faster and easier.

Effectively streamline your entire payment processing system with ProCharge.

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