May 12, 2022

Q1 2022 Technical Support by the Numbers

Industry-Leading Technical Support for Payment Processing, Point of Sale, and Merchant Services

We understand businesses like yours can’t wait on hold with Technical Support when you have a line of customers waiting to pay. It’s why our team of experienced professionals provides next-level service 24/7. We’re committed to answering your payment processing and POS questions in a friendly, efficient manner with complete focus on getting you back up and running quickly. Does your current merchant services provider offer you that same level of commitment and support?

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What’s New in Electronic Payments Technical Support?

We’re continuously innovating to improve our service and support. In that spirit of innovation, we’ve recently added the following capabilities to our Technical Support team’s toolkit.

  • We now have the ability to save your place in queue and call you back when you’re next in line so you don’t have to wait on hold—and you won’t lose your place!
  • We’ve implemented new interactive voice response (IVR) enabling you to speak directly with Clover® and ProCharge® specialists.
  • We’re able to use voice intelligence to gauge quality assurance and customer satisfaction.
  • We’re taking advantage of improved metrics and reporting to safeguard call quality and help you in the most efficient manner possible.

What Makes Technical Support Good?

Good technical support starts with skilled representatives who have in-depth product knowledge. They pick up your calls promptly, give helpful and insightful answers to your questions, and resolve issues quickly. If you’re waiting on hold for more than a few minutes, or it takes an hour to get someone to actually fix your problem, you’re not receiving the best service. Our team of highly trained technical support professionals answers your call within 84 seconds and gets you back up and running in under 13 minutes total on average. When you reach out to Electronic Payments, there’s no delay in getting what you need to keep your operation moving forward.

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