August 28, 2019

What Makes Electronic Payments Different from Other Merchant Service Providers?

What Makes Electronic Payments Different from Other Merchant Service Providers?

Merchant services can be confusing and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be with the right partner. While it may require some due diligence, there are trustworthy, reputable payment processors who can help your business flourish. So, where does a small business owner start? We suggest going back to the basics, looking at what differentiates industry leaders: good, old-fashioned customer service and innovative, user-friendly products. Read on to learn how Electronic Payments’ team, technologies, and support are different from other merchant service providers—and how we’ve positioned businesses for success for 20 years!

In-house Development

We take pride in developing, deploying, and supporting our own payment and POS technologies in-house. This is rare in our industry and it’s a big benefit for your business. In an emergency, our team can rapidly troubleshoot and quickly deploy equipment swaps if the situation warrants it. No waiting for a third party to provision and ship new equipment, which can take weeks. Electronic Payments can have your business back and up and running in a fraction of the time!

A Personal Apporach to Payments

Like you, we’re entrepreneurs who understand the needs of business. It’s why we take a personal approach to payments, investing in the growth and success of each of our employees to create a team of talented individuals who are passionate about payments and committed to serving merchant needs.

We offer a “one call for all” support model that aligns every party in the customer support chain into a triage-based team that can address any question or concern quickly and easily. With one phone call, you can find out everything from how to change the time on your terminal to getting the most out of sales reports built into your
Exatouch® Point of Sale.

“Our mission is to help small-to-midsize businesses prosper with innovative, affordable, and reliable payment processing services backed by unparalleled 24/7, in-house support.”

Unparalleled Support

When we say unparalleled, we mean highly trained, personable team members with years of experience who are ready to help. Our in-house experts are there when you need them most, answering your questions and resolving issues quickly. The proof is in the numbers: 86% of our calls are answered in less than 30 seconds! Imagine how helpful this is when you have a line of customers in front of you and need help—fast. That’s the kind of service we deliver whether it’s nearing midnight on a holiday, or the middle of a busy weekday. You can rest assured knowing your business is backed by skilled technical support professionals available 24/7.

Commitment to Our Merchants

To prove how important long-term partnership is, and our commitment to helping merchants thrive, we established a Customer Bill of Rights. It outlines your right to fair, affordable, and transparent pricing, as well as our promise to provide secure and encrypted processing. We believe in being honest and up-front—and having a direct relationship with our merchants.

As a privately owned company with nearly two decades in business, we have one of the best reputations in the industry, built one merchant relationship—and one product—at a time. Today, we’re as devoted to the success of small businesses as we were when we started.

Discover for yourself what it’s like to have a merchant services provider who believes in true partnership and understands what your small business needs to succeed in a competitive marketplace.