August 16, 2018

With Exatouch’s Scan Data Integration, Your Profits Won’t Go Up in Smoke

With Exatouch’s Scan Data Integration, Your Profits Won’t Go Up in Smoke

Unlock the opportunity to earn additional profits from your tobacco sales with Exatouch® Point of Sale! Consumers love a good incentive, and now Exatouch makes it easier for you to stay competitive while enjoying significant rebates that you can pass on to your customers! Offering direct transmission of your sales reports, this enhanced feature enables tobacco retailers like you to seamlessly transmit pertinent sales figures via Scan Data’s Reporting Programs – meaning your store can earn money on every tobacco sale you make!

Scan Data’s Reporting Programs for RJ Reynolds and Philip Morris offer rebates up to $0.15/carton to retailers who provide their tobacco sales data reports. With automatic and on-demand transmission options, Exatouch takes the work out of accounting for these figures, enabling you to get your quarterly rebates even faster! Used for market research, the data collected makes it possible for tobacco manufacturers to gain insight into sales specific to your area and extend special offers, such as multi-pack and brand loyalty discounts.

  • Obtain additional incentives from the leading tobacco manufacturers
  • Increase your sales and gain customer loyalty
  • Remain competitive amongst big box retailers
  • Gain added insight into sales by brand, tobacco type, and packs vs cartons
  • Base your inventory orders off of report data and eliminate zero movement items
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