5 Practical Ways a POS with a Customer Facing Display Can Benefit Your Counter Service Restaurant

With various capacity limits being imposed on counter service restaurants nationwide, they need tools to help them keep customers coming back and revenues coming in the door. A smart point of sale (POS) system with a customer facing display is one of those essential tools. When it comes to guest satisfaction, a huge display that engages and informs diners is hard to beat. Check out these 5 practical ways customer facing displays enable counter service restaurants like coffee shops and delis to provide efficient service that ensures happy and loyal diners.
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Increase Customer Confidence and Satisfaction

Customers want to be reassured they're getting exactly what they order—and what they pay for. Whether it's a preference for extra onions or something as serious as a peanut allergy, being able to see their order rung in precisely—on a large screen—engenders confidence in your diners and encourages them to continue patronizing your business.

A customer facing display also gives your employees the opportunity to provide higher levels of service through conversational ordering. If every sandwich at your deli comes with a pickle, but the guest does not want one with their order, they're waiting to see that screen display "no pickle". If they don't see that modifier appear, they can ask the cashier to go back and include it. Alternatively, if your guest is distracted, referencing a customer facing display is a great way for staff to ask if they're happy with their order before completing the transaction.


Customer Facing Displays:

  • Empower guests to view and confirm their orders in real time
  • Ensure order accuracy, even during your busiest times
  • Reduce waste
  • Decrease transaction times
  • Provide a seamless checkout experience
  • Enhance your brand with a customized logo
Expedite Checkout

For fast casual and quick service restaurants (QSRs), time is of the essence. Speed up the checkout process by enabling diners to review their orders on a customer facing display. If an incorrect order is sent to the kitchen, the guest has to wait for their new order to be made correctly. What's worse, in the time it takes to keep that diner at the POS to either refund or charge them the corrected price, your staff could've rung in another guest's order. A customer facing display gives your patrons a faster, more convenient checkout experience.

Another way displays hasten checkout is by allowing customers to see the price of their order ahead of time. They may have a limited amount of cash in their pocket, and based on the price displayed, they can quickly decide if they want to pay with a card or cash. Customers can have their payment method ready and your staff can keep the line moving.

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Reduce Order Errors

Anytime the wrong order is sent to the kitchen and has to be remade, it contributes to food waste, eats into your profits, depletes your inventory prematurely, and takes your kitchen staff longer to serve all of your customers. It's frustrating for employees and your diners. A customer facing display empowers your patrons to visually confirm their orders before they're sent to the kitchen.

Boost Tips

Because customer facing displays make it simpler for your employees to provide accurate and efficient service, your customer satisfaction levels increase, and so may the tips they leave for your employees!

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Decrease Negative Reviews

In a world where it's easier for a diner to write a negative review online than drive back to your restaurant and get their order corrected, a customer facing display can be a lifesaver. When guests go online to read about other diner's experiences with your establishment, strengthen your chances of them seeing great reviews from satisfied customers. It'll help widen your reach and attract new guests.

A customer facing display offers QSRs and other counter service restaurants numerous benefits. That's why we include a huge display as part of our Exatouch® POS bundle—for no extra cost! The 10" screen comes standard with the POS hardware because we understand what our merchants need. We want to help independent restaurants everywhere not only survive in a limited-capacity environment, but succeed on a level they never thought possible.
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