September 1, 2023

The Long Game: Payment Processor Consistently Expands Services

— September 1, 2023 — Some might say that a founder and CEO of a company with 1,000 sales partners should not be selling and installing new merchant accounts, as Michael Nardy does on occasion. Nardy, founder and CEO of Electronic Payments, Inc. (EPI), knows how to delegate to his sales partners and 200 employees. But he finds value interacting with the sales and installation teams, seeing what works well and what needs improvement. This hands-on attention to detail helped build EPI from a company he incorporated as a Boston College student in 2000, to one now processing $20 billion in annual credit card volume.

About Electronic Payments

Innovating with new technologies, Electronic Payments has distinguished itself as one of the most highly regarded payment and transaction processing companies in the United States. Electronic Payments currently serves businesses in all types of industries and acquires new merchants through a network of POS value-added resellers (VARS), agent banks, sales agents, and independent sales offices (ISOs). Visit www.electronicpayments.com for more information.