December 5, 2017

Exatouch® for Liquor Stores Case Study: Mantua Beverage & Gas

Exatouch® for Liquor Stores Case Study: Mantua Beverage & Gas

Introducing Mantua Beverage & Gas

The Exatouch® team had the opportunity to meet with Atul, owner of Mantua Gas & Beverage in Ohio. Like many liquor stores across the state, Atul is challenged with managing operations, retaining satisfied customers, and meeting the mandates set forth by the state of Ohio’s Liquor Modernization Project (LMP). The new mandates are intended to modernize liquor store operations, and many of the requirements begin with a business’s point of sale system.

As an entrepreneur, Atul is no stranger to point of sale. He’s used legacy POS systems for decades in restaurants, convenience stores, and gas stations. He understands how a system that underperforms can hurt operations, and how well-designed software can enhance and grow a business. But, not all point of sale solutions are created equal, and when it comes to those that adhere to the LMP mandates, the choices are limited.

With the Exatouch® mobile tablet, management and staff can scan and load new products into the system right on the sales floor, even during business hours!

Exatouch to the Rescue

When presented with Exatouch Point of Sale, Atul was pleased with its recent LMP certification and impressed with the system’s robust feature sets specifically designed for liquor stores, including enhanced inventory, promotions, and lottery payouts. The Exatouch team knew Atul could immediately improve and modernize his business with these user-friendly modules, starting with inventory.

Mantua Beverage & Gas sells a wide variety of items beyond beer, wine, and spirits, such as mixers, convenience items, and candy. This can make manual inventory and purchasing laborious and inaccurate, especially when breaking down items from case or carton to specified packs or individual items. After the Exatouch team imported the store’s database, Atul used the Exatouch mobile tablet for scanning products that were not accounted for, preventing a full-store inventory audit and hours of additional programming. Most importantly, the inventory buildout was conducted during business hours and did not interrupt sales or operations!

Expanding Beyond Mantua Beverage & Gas

Nearly one year after installation, Mantua Beverage & Gas is operating better than ever. So much so, that Atul has decided to install Exatouch within his convenience store in Ravenna, Ohio! In addition to Exatouch’s ease of use, Atul said that he appreciates the extra visibility into all aspects of his business, including sales, purchasing and labor. “I like the variety of data available. It’s easy to search for information and maintain it, so I can use it to run all parts of business,” said Atul. “I’ve used point of sale for many types of businesses, and Exatouch is one of the best ones. It’s easy to use and obtain details. I look forward to having it in the other store.”

The Exatouch team is collaborating with Atul on a new feature specific to convenience stores and tobacco retailers. The feature will fulfill Scan Data’s reporting requirements, which mandates the transmission of sales data on a weekly basis (every Tuesday, to be exact). Similar to Exatouch’s solution for the State of Ohio’s LMP requirements, Exatouch will automatically generate and email applicable sales transactions to the proper entities. Atul will no longer have to manually pull, sort, and email sales records to Scan Data!

In the meantime, if Atul requires assistance, he is in great care with local support and access to our 24/7 in-house Technical Support team!

Our passion is empowering businesses like Mantua Gas & Beverage with smart solutions and exceptional service. Contact us today to optimize your daily operations with Exatouch’s complete collection of business tools!

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