September 19, 2019

Does Your Point of Sale System Help Your Restaurant Grow?

Does Your Point of Sale System Help Your Restaurant Grow?

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in 2019 and has been updated to incorporate additional information.
Original publish date: September 19, 2019
Updated: May 26, 2022

Modern restaurant point of sale (POS) systems are designed to make life easier, streamlining everything from credit card transactions to employee scheduling. But POS solutions differ when it comes to business-building features—and how robust they are. With an innovative solution like Exatouch® Point of Sale, there’s a vast and continuously expanding roster of built-in features. Take the versatile and comprehensive Item Details Module. This feature provides a myriad of ways to input information for all your menu items, including categories, pricing, taxes, and more. By completing the fields within Item Details, you can extract data and insights that save time, boost profits, and grow your restaurant.

Menu Item Descriptions Play a Crucial Role

As the POS experts, we’re often asked about the best way to alert servers to potential allergens in menu items such as nuts or wheat. It’s a constant challenge to keep frontline staff up to date with this kind of critical information, especially when dishes and ingredients change so frequently. The good news is Item Details allows you to input extended item descriptions that waitstaff can see with just a few taps of the POS screen. These customizable description fields are the ideal place to list ingredients and highlight common allergens. Plus, as ingredients evolve, it’s easy to update these fields in real-time. You can also include information about how hot your spicy entrée special is or details on the origin of a particular dish. If your restaurant’s popular Bolognese sauce is a treasured family recipe, include that in the description to give your servers a fun conversation starter when they greet guests!

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Built-in Modifiers Maximize Efficiency

In Item Details, it’s simple to set up modifiers and designate whether they’re required or optional. Does the kitchen staff need to know details such as which flavor, heat level, or sauce goes with an order? Build those required modifiers into Exatouch to ensure servers ask customers for their preferences and include the information before an order is sent to the kitchen. Streamlining menu modifiers is an ideal way to avoid delays that lead to slow service, frustrated diners, and lower profit margins.

Exatouch’s Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Exatouch’s KDS is another tool you can use to maximize efficiency and worker productivity. This useful solution offers real-time visibility into upcoming orders, complete with modifiers, to ensure quick and accurate service.

The KDS maximizes kitchen productivity with:

  • Real-time monitoring of order status & stock levels
  • Order routing to the correct prep station for perfectly timed meals
  • Full visibility with detailed views of every order, including modifiers
  • Simple advancing & filtering of orders with a bump bar or touchscreen monitor

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Categorization Gives You Data-Driven Insights

Big data isn’t just for big business. When adding inventory in Exatouch, divide your menu up into categories in the Item Details Module. Create a category for seafood entrees, pasta dishes, appetizers, and the like. Then, run a sales report showing how much of each category you sold. If you sell 90% more fish entrees during the month of March, focus on seafood specials at that time of year, saving your pasta specials for the months when they’re the most popular. You can even set up subcategories under your seafood category by purveyor. If one purveyor makes up the majority of your seafood entrée sales, allocate more of your budget to them and negotiate more advantageous pricing because of your bigger buy. The possibilities for maximizing your profits are endless!

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Exatouch is a well-rounded and established point of sale solution that enables merchants to take advantage of data to gain the kind of insights that lead to happier customers and bigger profits. Discover all the ways Exatouch can help your restaurant grow by scheduling a personalized demo.