June 28, 2021

Exatouch® Point of Sale Merchant Success Story: An Interview with Sticky Fingers Bakery

Exatouch<sup>®</sup> Point of Sale Merchant Success Story: An Interview with Sticky Fingers Bakery

Sticky Fingers Bakery is a much-loved sweet shop in West Dover, Vermont. After leaving their previous corporate careers, Delaware natives Heather and Dave Kelly relocated to Vermont and opened the bakery in 2010. More than a decade later, they remain committed to providing their appreciative community with handcrafted desserts made from scratch. Their favorite time of day is early in the morning when they pull the first tray of fresh baked goods out of the oven and the heavenly scent permeates everything around them. As members of TripAdvisor’s Hall of Fame for earning multiple Certificates of Excellence, and being named for their famous cinnamon rolls numerous times on the “Best of Vermont” list, Sticky Fingers is a thriving local business.

In the following interview, Heather describes why she and Dave chose Exatouch® Point of Sale to expand Sticky Fingers Bakery and what their experience with Electronic Payments has been like.

What prompted you to consider Exatouch POS for your business?

We’ve partnered with Electronic Payments and Electronic Payments Northeast for our merchant services and payment processing since 2016. Previously, we had a standalone payment terminal to process credit cards, but we were having some issues with it. Joel, our rep from Electronic Payments Northeast, had spoken to us about upgrading to Exatouch for our bakery, and in December of 2020, we were ready to take the leap.

What criteria did you use to evaluate Exatouch and make your decision?

We wanted to increase efficiency and offer our patrons a customer facing payment device that processed contactless transactions. It’s more convenient for our customers because we can accept their preferred payment method. Plus, we don’t need to handle their cards as much, which enhances security, convenience, and hygiene.

I was also looking for a system that would be very simple for new hires to understand while allowing me to identify best-selling products quickly. I wanted an easy-to-use reporting system with capabilities I could grow into.

What goals did you hope to achieve by installing Exatouch? Were they met after installation?

I needed access to better reporting to give me additional insight into the business, as well as faster payment processing. Fortunately, both of these goals were met immediately after we installed the point of sale system.

Which benefits that Exatouch provides are most helpful to your business?

I’m confident we’re processing payments at a much faster rate now. And, I’m very happy with the detailed information the POS reporting provides, including sales and revenue by product for any date range, even throughout the lifetime of the system. Just a few months after installing Exatouch, we discovered we sold nearly 12,000 cinnamon rolls since implementation!

“Just a few months after installing Exatouch, we discovered we sold
nearly 12,000 cinnamon rolls since implementation!”

– Heather, Co-Owner of Sticky Fingers Bakery

What pain points did implementing Exatouch alleviate?

We no longer need to handle customer cards and our processing time is much faster. In a rural town like the one where our bakery is located, slow processing was killing us. We have to keep the line moving and get customers on their way.

What was your experience like with training staff on how to use Exatouch?

As far as training, we’ve been able to teach new hires how to use the system in actual seconds.

“As far as training, we’ve been able to teach new hires how to use the system in actual seconds.”

– Heather, Co-Owner of Sticky Fingers Bakery

I had each of my employees up and running in no time on this POS. Two of our employees were even able to teach themselves how to use Exatouch with almost no training at all! It’s been a welcome change for everyone at the bakery.

Did you experience any downtime during installation?

We didn’t experience any initial downtime. There was a phase of about a week where we had a problem batching out, but the Technical Support team worked diligently to fix it.

What do you love about Exatouch and/or partnering with Electronic Payments?

Honestly, Electronic Payments is the best and most affordable company for payment processing. It’s through your company and sales partners that I came to know about Exatouch.

Are there additional Electronic Payments solutions you’re planning to use?

Yes. Recently, we decided to order eGiftSolutions® gift cards, especially because they’re free to process with Exatouch and we can customize the cards with our logo. I know these gift cards are going to be very popular with our customers.

Have you recommended Electronic Payments and Exatouch to other merchants based on your positive experience?

I certainly have!

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