February 24, 2022

How Exatouch® POS Delivery Manager Simplifies Delivery Orders and Grows Your Restaurant’s Revenue

How Exatouch® POS Delivery Manager Simplifies Delivery Orders and Grows Your Restaurant’s Revenue

Restaurant delivery orders have been on the rise and the trend shows no signs of stopping. You already know offering delivery at your business is a smart way to increase your reach and sales, but it’s challenging to manage in-house and off-premise orders, particularly during a busy Saturday night rush. That’s where a restaurant point of sale (POS) system with delivery management software comes in. A delivery management feature in your POS makes it easier for you to handle delivery, pickup, and curbside orders while improving customer service and boosting your overall profits.

What Is Delivery Management Software?

Delivery management software is a built-in POS application that gives restaurants a simple, convenient way to manage delivery and pickup orders. Restaurant staff can view order status, customer details, driver information, and more, while providing a better customer experience with real-time delivery tracking and expedited service.

Exatouch® POS has Delivery Manager to keep track of and offer complete visibility into all of your to-go orders. Once a team member enters a delivery order into the system they tap “save order” on the screen, which sends the order to the remote kitchen printer for preparation. All saved delivery orders appear in the POS system’s Delivery Manager application where they can be tracked and managed with minimal effort. For example, it’s easy to see open and closed orders, which ones are out for delivery, and how long it’s taking to complete deliveries.

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Exatouch’s Delivery Manager Features

The key features built into Delivery Manager enable you to oversee orders at-a-glance, pull reports to measure delivery sales, and empower your team to give next-level service.
  • Simple user interface for efficient order entry
  • Caller ID for personalized service
  • Tip adjustment for delivery orders
  • Send customers order status SMS (text) messages
  • View customer order history
  • Delivery address verification
  • Set delivery radius parameters
  • Set delivery fees based on mileage
  • Support for 3rd party delivery accounts
    (Uber Eats, DoorDash, etc.)
  • Delivery reports
  • Online ordering integration
  • And more

Caller ID Enhances Delivery Management

Though a number of diners take advantage of online ordering for delivery, some prefer to call in their orders to avoid 3rd-party delivery app fees, ask questions about the ingredients of a dish, or to ensure their substitutions are doable. With Caller ID, those customers get a faster, more personalized ordering experience. Exatouch’s Caller ID empowers your staff to see who’s calling right on the lock screen, answer with one tap, and greet customers by name if they’ve ordered before. It’s also easy to view existing customers’ recent orders on screen for quick re-ordering and to verify their delivery address. For new customers, Exatouch’s Caller ID enables speedy data entry into your customer database to ensure their order history and delivery address are available in the system for the next time they call. With Delivery Manager and Caller ID, your staff has everything needed to greet callers personally, input orders quickly and accurately, and verify delivery addresses automatically in Google maps. These tools allow your staff to take more calls, elevate service levels, and increase your overall sales.

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Online Ordering for Delivery

For diners who want a digital experience, Exatouch has integrated online ordering with Delivery Manager. Your customers can go to your website, click “order online”, input their items, and pay. All online orders are sent seamlessly to your kitchen printer so back-of-house staff can begin preparing the orders right away.

With online ordering and Delivery Manager, you can:

  • Track and manage all pickup and delivery orders in real-time
  • Update menu items, modifiers, and pricing in your POS to appear online
  • Send accurate online orders right to the kitchen
  • Temporarily suspend online ordering or change wait times based on staffing and demand
  • Manage taxes, delivery zones, and applicable fees
  • View all online orders in your POS reporting for greater insight

Watch this video to see how online ordering works with Exatouch and Delivery Manager.

Simplifying delivery orders whether they’re placed online or over the phone makes your diners and staff happier while boosting your sales. See how Exatouch’s Delivery Manager can help. Schedule a free, customized demo when it’s convenient for you.