July 26, 2019

Are Mobile Payment Solutions A Good Fit for Your Small Business?

Are Mobile Payment Solutions A Good Fit for Your Small Business?

As a small business owner, investing in new payment solutions can seem expensive and out of reach, but the right ones—designed to help you increase customer satisfaction and grow your operation—can be smart, cost-effective enhancements for your business. As payment technologies continue to evolve, customers are embracing new, faster, and more efficient ways to pay. And they want to use these new payment methods at all the establishments they frequent—including your small business! Adopting mobile payment capabilities helps you better serve your customers and meet them where they are with quick, secure transactions. Understanding how mobile point of sale (MPOS) systems work can help you determine if they’re a good fit for your small business.

Accept Payments from Anywhere

Most smart devices can easily transform into a mobile point of sale system with the proper equipment. Mobile payments work by capturing customer card information using a smart phone or tablet equipped with an encrypted card reader, such as ProCharge® Mobile or Clover Go. To safeguard all parties, meaning your customers’ sensitive information is protected. What’s more, mobile card readers today are slim, sleek, and affordable. MPOS operates using the phone you already own, so all you need is the proper hardware and software to get started—and you can accept payments from anywhere. Plus, MPOS is capable of capturing pertinent sales figures and other important business information just as easily as a traditional point of sale so your essential data is always at your fingertips!

Make Checkout More Convenient

Customers are always on the run and don’t have time to wait in long lines. That’s why contactless payments like Apple Pay are becoming more and more popular. Also called near-field communication (NFC), contactless payments are as easy to accept using MPOS as they are using a countertop point of sale. With NFC, your customers already have their credit or debit cards preloaded into their phones, so in one simple motion they can wave their devices over your processing equipment and the sale is finalized! No handling credit cards, and no waiting for chip cards to be read and approved. Your customers are in, out, and on their way—all because your business adopted mobile payment technologies that help you better serve their needs!

Mobilize Your Small Business

Maybe by definition your business isn’t “on the go”, but you can still adopt mobile payment solutions that make your customers’ lives easier and increase your bottom line. Whether you run a busy salon or a small restaurant, with MPOS options such as Clover Flex, you can bring the register to your customers. If lines are backing up at closing time, they can help you complete transactions faster. Plus, the compact Clover Flex has a built-in printer, so you can print receipts straight from the device and get your customers out the door quickly! And for businesses that are on the go—like food trucks—MPOS is ideal.

At Electronic Payments, we make it easy to integrate mobile payments into your business operations. And you still get all the important insights you need to make informed business decisions, including sales and inventory figures, employee performance, and detailed customer information.

See for yourself how Electronic Payments’ POS solutions can help you deliver a personalized shopping experience that encourages repeat business.