August 31, 2021

Regional Sales Representative

Education/Experience Level:
No higher education needed.

Job Description:
Electronic Payments is a leading innovator in developing and delivering payment and point of sale solutions to businesses nationwide. We’re seeking experienced ISV/VAR, Outside Sales Agent and ISO (Independent Sales Organization) partners to grow the EPI portfolio and expand the EPI brand in your market. Through our solution with Datacap®, we can assist your POS in updating to the latest technology and also offer free Datacap solutions to merchant customers to increase adoption of your POS. Additionally, Electronic Payments offers lucrative ISO and Agent programs and allows you to build your business using the myriad of products and solutions we offer merchants. Whether it is our cash discount, surcharge, or other programs, you as an Indepednent Agent of Electronic Payments can benefit from the most lucrative sales program in the industry with on-time commissions and bonuses paid each week and month. For 21 years, we have been the leader in building sales programs and offering ISO and Agent programs with the stability of a direct processor relationship.

What is a Direct Processor? At Electronic Payments, we have our own connections to the card brands and do not depend on others for transaction processing. While we offer transaction processing services of other providers to ensure we have a deep product breadth, we offer our own Frontend and Backend which is a completely wholly-owned product. This ensures you are not in a Sub-agent relationship or getting a split of a split.

Please contact Keith Ashcraft at (800) 966-5520 – ext. 0223 or for more information.

Electronic Payments is an equal opportunity employer.